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The program of interscholastic athletics at the junior and senior high school level is an extension of the educational program. In providing these educational experiences, qualified persons are employed to serve in a dual capacity as teachers and coaches. Under the direction of the principal and athletic director, personnel are selected who not only are qualified to train and supervise pupils in competitive sports, but also are professionally prepared as teachers. Pupils participating in the competitive sports program are thus under the direction of a competent person exercising professional judgment where the best interests of youth are to be served.

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- Student ($20) and adult ($60) passes will be sold at DHS, HCHS, WHHS, HCSD office, and home games. Passes provide general admission to home games at DHS, HCHS, WHHS, DMS, NG, NW, and WW. Athletic passes are for use at Harrison County School District events only. I.D. is required. Not valid for preseason, classic, tournaments or playoff games.

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Harrison County School District Athletic Department

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Dear Parents/Guardians of Harrison County School District Athletes, 

We would like to inform you of changes MHSSA is making for eligibility for our student athletes. We will be using a new program called DragonFly, which is an electronic health record for your child. This system will have all of your child's information, including eligibility forms that you will fill out, health records, emergency contact numbers, injury status, etc. Beginning this school year (2019-20), we will have all of our eligibility paperwork on DragonFly. This means we will be going paperless. We are asking you to register you and your child as soon as possible. 


Please follow the instructions below:

1. Visit (, click "Do My Forms" and follow the prompts to the sign-up page. 

2. On the sign-up page, click "Sign-Up for Free". 

3. Follow the prompts to create your parent account with your email address or phone number. 

4. Check your email and get the conformation code. You will need that code to proceed. Enter it when you are asked for the confirmation code.

5. Next, you will be asked for your school code. Enter your child's school code when prompted and confirm this is the correct school. 

6. Click "Add a Child" in the DragonFly MAX web site, then follow the prompts to create your child's profile. 

7. Complete his/her medical history. 

8. Complete his/her participation forms, including uploading any necessary documents.

9. Be sure that you are completing forms for 2019-20.

On the same forms that you fill out, there will be areas that don't apply to you. Please put N/A in those blanks. It will reject forms if every blank is not filled in. On every form you fill out, please double check and make sure all the information is correct. 

Please make sure it shows 2019-2020 school year as you go through these steps. 

Below are the links for the codes to each school. Click on your child's school for the flyer. 
D'Iberville High School 

Harrison Central High School 

West Harrison High School 

D'Iberville Middle School 

North Gulfport Middle School 

North Woolmarket Middle School 

West Wortham Middle School